Sonntag, Februar 03, 2008

What is a brand?

I am now part of (which is not the reason why posts here have become so sparce. It's actually rather a question of time) but I want to share with you a wonderful presentation about brand development:

Now my Question would be the following:

If brands developed to differentiate products from each other selling the hope and trust into quality, and today's industrial power guarantees us that nearly every single object that gets industrially produced is actually fulfilling the promises of marketing - what power of brands to we need?

Did the H&M-Jeans-brand & actually perform any different than any other brand from H&M? Why do they actually have the sub-brands?

A Reason for sub-brands would be to order the chaos of products and attract different customers just as in a real store. But with the increase of brandings and sub-brands, brands become interchangeable. Soon, nobody will look at at the brand of your pants, but only whether the unknown brand looks cute. If it does, it does not really matter what it promises. The aethetics of branding is the future, I say.

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